• Fast Shipping: We will choose DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc, to deliver it. Usually, you will get your package within 15-20 days.
  • Fast Shipping: Amount ≧ 199 USD for free
  • Fast Shipping: Amount < 199 USD, $30.00. We DO NOT provide free shipping from now on.


  1. It will take 60-90 days for shipment via ePacket/China Post Registered Air Mail/EMS, which can’t be guaranteed due to force majeure. If you can’t get the airmail package after two months, please let us know ASAP: seestar@zwoptical.com
  2. Customers from Brazil and Chile should leave a message to provide your CPF or CNPJ as your custom needs it.
  3. Customers from Russia need to provide the complete English name with three words as well as the English shipping address.

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  • The price list on our website is USD without tax.
  • Please note that buyers are liable to pay taxes involved, such as Import tax, VAT, customs handling fee, etc. The additional fees may be collected at the taxes of the airmail time of delivery by courier.
  • For the best local service, we advise customers to buy our cameras from Local Dealers.

Warranty and Return Policy

  1. ZWO hereby declares that it will provide customers with a one-year warranty period of 1 year for branded products purchased from ZWO per this policy. The warranty period will begin from the day following the receipt of the product by the customer.
  2. If a User encounters the following Dead on Arrival (DOA) and contacts ZWO within the corresponding time limit to issue the Product purchase invoice and relevant evidence, ZWO will provide door-to-door pick-up service and, as appropriate, after-sale replacement (or partial replacement), repair or return (or partial return) service for the following Products:
    1) Product Quality Problem
    Provided that a User detects a quality problem and contacts ZWO within 30 days after receipt of the Products, and ZWO support team confirms that the Products indeed have a quality problem or defect after their inspection, ZWO will provide free replacement service towards such Products;
    2) Product Transportation Problem
    Provided that a User finds obvious signs of bubbling, serious overstocking, or deformation on the outer package of the Products upon receipt of the Products, and provides ZWO with pictures of the outer package and proof of receipt within 3 days after receipt of such Products, ZWO support team will verify the actual shipper and determine the responsible party for such transportation problem. In the event that ZWO is the actual shipper, ZWO will be responsible for providing the relevant return or replacement service. However, if the Products are directly sold or transported to the User by an agent of ZWO, the agent will be responsible for providing the relevant return or replacement service.
  3. If the Products are under the following circumstances, they are not within the scope of warranty service, ZWO may provide maintenance services to the Users:
    1) The Warranty Period of the Products has expired; or
    2) The Products are injected into liquid or affected by moisture or corrosion; or
    3) The Products are damaged by an external force (such as the broken of the camera protection window glass, the deformation of the product shell, the broken of the USB port, etc.); or
    4) Disassembling, repairing by a third party, refurbishment of the Products (such as downloading erroneous firmware) without the written authorization of ZWO; or
    5) The product system is modified, or the maintenance notice is lost or changed; or
    6) Product quality problem caused by installation not following the requirements or instructions for the Products; or
    7) Physical damage or failure of the Products caused by the force majeure (such as solid vibration or extrusion such as flood, fire, earthquake, or thunder stroke); or
    8)Damage caused by the improper User operation during the period of shooting or use, such as using without the equipment protection or direct shooting of the sun; or
    9) No valid purchase invoice or warranty certificate; or
    10) The Products are second-hand products.
    Any quality problem with the accessories or other parts of the Products is not a condition for the return or change of the Products, and the User may solely request to replace the accessories with new ones, which shall be handled after verification by the ZWO support team.
    If the issue with your ZWO product was caused by specific damage (such as severe damage not covered by the 2-year warranty), you might have to pay the replacement value.
  4. The User will bear the return cost for the usual repair or replacement of the Products during the Warranty Period. When returning the Products, Users shall specify the actual reasons for the damage to the products and provide the corresponding valid certificates, such as pictures or videos, etc.
    For the Products that need to be replaced after being confirmed by ZWO in writing, the User shall return the Products with the complete package and all accessories, manuals, etc., to the address designated by ZWO.
    By sending back the product to ZWO, the User agrees to pay out-of-warranty fees that may arise during the repair process of the product. ZWO will send back the product after charging.
  5. If a User encounters any problem while using ZWO Products, you may contact ZWO for technical support via ZWO Support.
    ZWO will provide the corresponding RMA code for reference for the products that must be returned for after-sales service.
    ZWO will not accept any products with no RMA code returned privately without ZWO's written confirmation.
  6. If a User purchases the ZWO Products from a ZWO agent, the User may contact the ZWO agent directly for the relevant after-sales service.